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Gluten-free has nothing to do with glutamate.

Gluten intolerance

Who suffers from gluten intolerance,

has celiac disease.


The bad glue protein?

"GLUTEN" or "GLUTE PROTEIN" is a collective term for a mixture of proteins that occurs in grain. Wheat and rye are particularly badly affected. This so-called glue is responsible, for example, for the elastic consistency of a dough that is often used for bread or other pasta. People who absolutely cannot tolerate gluten suffer from celiac disease, an autoimmune disease.


So anyone who suffers from this chronic inflammatory disease of the intestinal mucosa should definitely use gluten-free products. However, there are no studies to show that gluten is bad for healthy people. It is more the hip health trend that instills us with negative aspects when it comes to products containing gluten.


If you want to eat gluten-free, you can use the following products with a clear conscience. See for yourself how diverse and tasteful they are!

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